Become a carpet designer

With Matta, you can now create your piece in your desired colours – and precisely the right size for your home.
This is how it works:

Step 1 - Your idea

In your inner eye, your carpet is already laid on the floor. So that we can make it for you, just contact us by email or by phone and describe your dream rug to us. We will listen attentively and then present the options to implement your design – and even one or two unusual ideas.

step 1

Step 2 - The plan

After we have listened to you very carefully, the next step is to summarise your requirements in an individual proposal. At this stage, we draw up your design, choose the materials, confirm the sizes and agree on the colours. You will then receive photographs with suggestions, so you can decide whether the plan meets your requirements or whether you would like to change any of the details.

step 2

Step 3 - Production

With any final adjustments to your design agreed and confirmed, we can then get started. Our specialists sew your carpet from the finest materials by hand, before colouring the piece if necessary. Of course, it takes a few days to breathe life into your design. During this phase, we like to keep you informed and up to date about the progress of your new, unique rug.

step 3

Step 4 - Enjoyment

When your patchwork carpet has been finished and thoroughly checked by our professionals, it will be carefully packaged and despatched direct to you, free of charge. Soon, you will be able to see, feel and enjoy your new rug for real. Thanks to its exclusive quality, its bespoke design will beautify your home for a long time to come.

step 4


‘I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best’ (Oscar Wilde, 1854–1900).

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