March 21, 2018

Carpet highlights 2018

Trendy yet timelessly beautiful, two of this year’s most popular carpet trends are particularly impressive: elegant understatement in grey and the recycled used look in its most exquisite vintage form.

Grey carpets – simple yet majestic

Neutral shades of grey have made it back into the rooms of the nation’s homes as designers play with patterns and hues. From near white to bordering on black, the dusky tinge is clearly in fashion again, thanks to its purity, clarity and simplicity. Grey matches interior decor, complements modern ambience and does not conflict with other tones – meaning you can choose your colour theme with ease.

Grey carpeting and rugs harmonise perfectly with every aspect of a room. Designers know that grey needs never be dull – quite the opposite, in fact, whether for a cosy living room, uncluttered hall or a beautiful bedroom. In addition, the clever use of colour combinations makes it highly adaptable. A further advantage of grey carpeting is its timelessness. Unless it features an unusually eye-catching pattern, the carpet or rug will remain in fashion and harmony with the latest developments and design trends.

Vintage – the new old

As old carpets take on a vintage appearance over the years, they acquire an attractive patina look, not unlike verdigris. This charm now catches the eye of more and more people when designing home interiors – and, naturally, the increasingly popular vintage carpet trend is not limited to floors.

Some manufacturers process new carpets using heat or immersion ageing treatments. However, why not experience the authentic trend with a piece of real history, namely with a genuine vintage rug or carpet – and not a copy?

We love the latest recycling trends in carpeting so much that we have featured it here at Matta, along with other exclusive and scarce items. Thanks to their individual history, each vintage rug is genuinely unique. High-quality materials and elegant patterns make these wonderful pieces much too good to throw away, which is why we work on them until they are at their best again – to look good in your sitting room.

Incidentally, we also saw an excellent example of vintage carpets at this year’s Domotex 2017 awards. The ‘Shiraz Sabz’ model by designer Hossein Rezvani came first in the Best Classical Modern Design category – and rightly so, in the views of genuine fans of the vintage era.

Recycled, unique carpets: a new trend?

We are also curious to see what next year brings to lay on floors or hang on walls. Perhaps the outlook is not just one particular colour or a predominantly favourite style. During 2018, trendy designs might extend more widely throughout the realms of carpet recycling.

We feel sure that unique handmade pieces are set to become the next interior fashion, especially now that everyone can participate in the design. Nothing fits into your home better than something you have always wanted. Now, you can have a bespoke recycled carpet or rug made specially, to match your room – with ease, without cutting any corners and without compromise. Indeed, a trend to fall in love with – your home and the environment will be happy, too!