The best quality,
designed in accordance with your wishes

Here at Matta, we stand for original, creative patchwork and vintage rugs of the highest standards. We put a crown on the solid and growing trend for soft furnishings for the home, in custom chic styles and retro designs. Come to us for an individual, bespoke rug with a special look, carefully made to your specifications. Your new recycled carpet will be full of charm and history, featuring your own printed design or pattern. We always place great importance on individuality, originality and excellence. As a result, a vintage carpet or patchwork rug from Matta is not only a unique way to express your creativity but also an original piece of high quality, unparalleled in shape and design.

Matta – a passion for unique designs

The Matta story began with a special moment: ‘Look, what beautiful carpets!’. From then on, our belief in this special concept was matched with the enthusiasm to get things done. Each one of us loves the unique Matta offering; that is why we founded a shop to sell exclusive, unparalleled designs. From the beginning, we have worked with renowned interior designers who satisfy even the most exacting customers with unique products.

What is Matta like?

At Matta, we rely on innovation and individuality. We also believe that quality starts with the careful selection of carpets and materials. Only what convinces us and what we think will please our customers makes it into our range. Our carpets have to be robust, so we work with specially reinforced seams, special under layers and much more.

For us, innovation means that above everything else, we are open to new ideas as well as some unusual and occasionally crazy ones. This approach applies as much to trends, materials, shapes and colours as it does to our own specially commissioned designs.

Finally, on the subject of DIY (do it yourself) and custom designs, individuality is the principle that keeps Matta together and makes us unique. It transforms our vintage carpets and your self-created patchwork rugs into real works of art.

Reducing waste

The recycling of carpets is still in its relative infancy. Often, carpets end up in so-called thermal recycling – in other words, burned in incinerators. Only a single-digit percentage gets a second chance through careful recycling. In other words, too many jewels are robbed by flames.

Here at Matta, we think that this is a pity and have, therefore, made it our mission to save beautiful carpets for recycling. We bring them back to life as unique pieces with a distinct charm and an individual history.